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Personal Injury Defense

No one likes being sued for allegedly harming someone.  Fortunately for individuals and insurance companies, the lawyers of Franke, Schultz & Mullen have the knowledge, skill, and experience to lessen the trauma of a lawsuit, and successfully defend even the most tragic accidents.  From non-existent injuries allegedly stemming from a slip and fall to a wrongful death or maiming from car and truck accidents or industrial accidents, our team has empathetically defended those who are brought into court.  Our lawyers are skilled in calming the nerves of individuals who are seeing the inside of the courtroom or even a lawsuit served upon them for the very first time. Years of practice and success have made the lawyers at FSM well-known players in the personal injury defense arena all across the states of Missouri and Kansas.  Knowing the plaintiffs’ attorneys, mediators, and judges on a first name basis and having a solid reputation as both aggressive yet collegial defenders allows our attorneys to represent clients and their insurance carries with confidence and zeal.