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Court Grants Summary Judgment in Favor of Insurance Agent.


Jill Smith obtained summary judgment in favor of an American Family Insurance Agent in a case contending that the agent did not procure or advise that the start-up construction company business obtain workers' compensation insurance coverage. At issue was whether the agent had a duty to inform the business of all potential coverages as well as to advise the siding company with two or fewer employees who were both owners as to whether works' compensation coverage should be obtained or an exemption should be obtained. The Plaintiff claimed approximately $800,000 in damages. However, the trial court in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri granted the Motion for Summary Judgment on all counts and the Court of Appeals affirmed, holding that the American Family insured did not rely on any statement made by the insurance agent regarding procurement of workers' compensation coverage.  Nikki Cannezzaro participated in the appeal and argued the case to the Court.