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Directed Verdict obtained by Nikki Cannezzaro


Plaintiffs Beth and Brett Novotnak filed suit against Ameripure Water Company asserting claims of negligent hiring/retention. Plaintiffs' claims arose out of an altercation that occurred at their residence between the Novotnaks and a customer service representative for Ameripure. Prior to the customer service representatives visit, the Plaintiffs had agreed to purchase a water softener system from Ameripure. Pursuant to Plaintiffs' request, Ameripure secured financing for the Plaintiffs from a third party lender. When the customer service representative presented the Plaintiffs with the financing terms, Plaintiffs became very upset and an altercation ensued resulting in the arrest of Brett Novotnak. Following an acquittal on the charges, the Plaintiffs filed suit against Ameripure claiming that but for Ameripure hiring a two time convicted felon, the altercation would have never occurred. At the close of Plaintiffs evidence, a Clay County, Missouri judge sustained Ms. Cannezzaro's Motion for Directed Verdict made on Ameripure's behalf.