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Jackson County MO Jury Returns Defense Verdict on Alleged MO Human Rights Act Violation and Assault and Battery Claims

After a two week trial, a Jackson County, Missouri jury rejected Plaintiff Rubie Ellis' claims of assault and battery, premises liability, negligent hiring and retention, and violation of the Missouri Human Rights Act against the Kansas City School District, its after-school program LINC, Inc., and the program's supervisor Mr. Steven Bradford at Martin King, Jr. Elementary.   Plaintiff claimed that in October 2013 she was subject to multiple incidents of sexual harassment by Mr. Bradford including an alleged assault and battery the evening of October 5, 2013, while leaving the school premises.  Plaintiff further alleged that she was an employee for both the school district and LINC during that time under the authority of Mr. Bradford, and that her reports of these alleged incidents were improperly investigated.  

Defendants denied all of plaintiff's allegations, and were successful in establishing that the alleged sexual harassment and assault and battery incidents were all a fabrication by plaintiff.  In addition to discrediting plaintiff's purported witnesses to these alleged incidents, defendants presented expert testimony through an independent medical examination of plaintiff that discredited her alleged injuries and medical damages.  Further, defendants successfully proved that plaintiff was never an employee of either the school district or LINC at any time, but rather attempted to use her past volunteer credentials from other schools to gain access to King Elementary.

Plaintiff's alleged medical damages of approximately $15,000, and demanded over $15 Million in compensatory and punitive damages at the close of trial.  The Kansas City School District was dismissed on directed verdict at the close of plaintiff's evidence.   At the end of trial, the jury ruled in favor of remaining Defendants LINC and Mr. Bradford on all claims.   Our firm represented Mr. Bradford and the case was tried by Christopher A. Brackman on his behalf.